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FRM Part I Preparation Study Package is out now - Check Shop to know details -

FAQ 1:- Where can I find the syllabus of FRM?

GARP provides “Study Guide” which has chapter by chapter content of the syllabus based on Author. GARP also provides learning outcomes as detailed guidelines for the topics that will be tested in the exam.

FAQ 2:- I have old books of FRM, Can i still use them?

Strictly no. GARP updates syllabus once in year (in the month of December)  which is applicable for both May and Nov attempt. For illustration updation in Dec 2016 are applicable for May 17 and Nov 17 attempt. And topics which are new in syllabus are more likely to be tested. Hence studying from updated book is very important.

FAQ 3:- What is the use of LO (Learning Outcome) statements provided by GARP?

LO statements are specific objective statements provided by GARP which can be used as a guideline for the candidate for exam preparation. it also provides the level of understanding required by the candidates. For example, if the LO says “Calculate forward price”, it is required for the candidate to understand how the forward price is calculated and they should be in a position to calculate the same(GARP might test on calculative questions on such topics). However if the LO says “Define Forwards and Futures”, it is enough if the candidate understand what Forwards and Futures are and how they work (GARP does not test calculative questions on the same).

FAQ 4:- From where can I know what are the changes for the Syllabus?

GARP publishes “changes guide ” which provides all the additions and deletions in the syllabus chapter by chapter.

FAQ 5:- What is right time to register for Exam?

Anytime, when you plan to do FRM. However, early bird registration has some discount in the fee structure when compared to late registration. But if you are new to this field and are skeptical about taking the course, never go into hurry. Give due consideration to all factors like your interest, ability to prepare in available time.

FAQ 6:- I find some topics very difficult is it fine to skip those topics?

No you should never skip topics. GARP tests candidates from almost every topic. Generally the questions from difficult topics are very straight and easy. So, reading and understanding all the topics, puts the candidate in advantage.

FAQ 7:- Is Schweser enough for study? 

Schweser gives a decent coverage of around 90% of what GARP book has. The concepts are presented in a precise manner in Schweser and one can always refer to GARP books for any further in depth understanding if required. Reading concise book works when you do not have much time for preparation. On the other hand if you have ample preparation time and require detailed reading of the topics, go for GARP books.

FAQ 8:- Due to some reason I don’t want to appear for exam for which I have already registered, What to do ?

You can defer  your attempt to next upcoming exam by paying penalty as per GARP. This option is provided on your dashboard of GARP login. But remember, you can postpone the exam only once.

FAQ 9:- What is Score required for passing exam ?

No one knows except GARP. GARP is not very explicit about their evaluation methodology. FRM results are provided as pass or fail along with the subject wise quartile ranking when compared to the peers (performance is ranked as Excellent, Good, Average and Poor).

FAQ 10:- From where can I get past FRM question papers?

The question papers are collected back from the candidates after the exam and hence the past exam question papers are not available. GARP does not publish any past exam question papers. However, GARP publishes a set of practice paper in the website which is representative of the kind of questions asked in the FRM exam.



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