Practicing Questions for FRM exam.

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Things to remember while practicing questions for FRM Exam.

Question practice is an integral part of FRM  exams . But strategizing the question practice to get optimum results is must because too little is disastrous and too much of anything is bad.
This article is a guide so that you get optimum benefit out of your question practice  .so happy solving !!

Practice questions as a tool to clear and polish your concepts rather than as an evaluation tool for your performance. I saw many candidates feeling under-confident just because they are not able to solve questions after studying, I always tell them to see the purpose – it is “practice questions” and not “evaluation question.” While solving questions, take a fair judgment on how confident you are about the concept. Remember to practice questions in advance so that you can know, exactly where you need to rework on your concepts, and also you need to revisit every question you solved before the exam as a part of the revision. There are chances you will see similar questions in the exam which you solved. Having a recent view and revision of those questions will save your time in the exam.

Pro Tips

  1. Limit your question Solving,  Don’t try to solve thousands of questions, instead go for limited questions and make sure you solved questions on most of the concepts.
  2. Select Question bank according to your preparation level. If you are feeling confident with your preparation go for difficult level questions.
  3. Some question banks are easy and some are difficult. Skipping easy and going for difficult is not advisable. You should start with easy question bank and then go for difficult one.
  4. Don’t take any new question bank in last  10 days before the exam. It might result in unnecessary panic and pressure on overall exam.
  5. Remember one thing, you will always feel that something is left to prepare in last days of exam. It is better to let go of that something and focus on everything you have completed.




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