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Part 1:- managing Pre revision phase– 10 days

I received requests from many candidates regarding concerns as –  How to revise such a huge syllabus of FRM in 10 days. To make sure you get best out of it you need to plan 10 days prior to revision days properly, which will boost your confidence and reduce wastage of crucial time of revision days. Rather than guiding you on how to prepare/revise, I will give you a generalized strategy which you can incorporate in your current study plan which can be the game changer for you.

This article will be followed by 2 more articles.

Part 2:- managing Revision phase – 10 days
Part 3:-managing The “D” day – 4 Hours of exam

This blog deals with part 1- managing pre-revision phase

By this date, most of you must have completed “substantial” preparation of the FRM Exam. Even if some portion is pending you can easily clear the exam so be confident and cheers – here it goes!


  • Finalization your preparation.
    Making roadmap and deciding focus area for your revision schedule.
    Building confidence for revision and exam.
    Make the best utilization of preparation/revision time.
    Avoid common mistakes which can save your time.

    Solve one practice paper of GARP 2016 right away in similar discipline as an exam. It doesn’t matter at what level of preparation you stand. As this practice exam is representative of the actual exam (actual exam will be similar but with broader coverage and slightly tricky), your preparation style will automatically change and will become exam oriented. Now focus on the pending concept if you have some. Do not try to do research on topics as you have very less time.
    Try to understand topics if it’s going easy for you. If it is difficult for you then put a slight amount of effort and try to grab whatever you can and move on to next concept and finally if you think it is not understandable skip it. Everyone faces difficulty in some or the other concepts.

    If you are done with most of the concepts, solve question bank, whichever you think is comfortable for you. You don’t need to solve question banks on theory topics. First, give preference to numerically based topics for question-solving. Make sure you do all questions in advance i.e. Before your revision schedule starts. Also, mark some exceptional points which you think you need to revise.
    Start marking or taking note (on your study notes only like marking imp.) of topics which you are understandable, but are complex for you and you are likely to forget it easily. So, in the revision time, you would be able to allocate more time to such topics.
    Take a note of all those formulas which you personally find difficult to memorize. Better write it on the separate page and revisit it for next 20 days.
    Don’t worry if you are not able to complete 100% syllabus in these 10 days. Even if you are able to complete 80% syllabus properly, it is enough to pass. The only thing you need to make sure for the remaining 20% syllabus is, read it at least once and remember important points, as in case if GARP asks the very simple question you should be able to answer.
    Get all your subjects in equilibrium (well and equally prepared). As you have only 10 days of preparation in hand, you allocate study time in such a way that you are well prepared in all 4 (5 for part 2) subjects. Making 2 subjects perfectly and in order to do that ignoring remaining 2 subjects is not at all advisable.
    Don’t change books in these last days. Whatever you have is best for your preparation. Stick to that.

Note: –

  1. Do not take your practice score seriously, whether High or low. It is just to make your preparation exam oriented and not to evaluate your performance.
  2. Don’t let your preparation level affect your confidence.
  3. You might stand on a different preparation level from the level I mentioned above, so you might need to modify your preparation considering the AIMs.

In Part 2 of this series of blog, I will tell you some important points you need to know in the revision of FRM exam.

Happy reading!



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