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Part 2:- Managing Revision phase – 10 days

Hello, readers and welcome back to part 2 to of the series. Hope you are enjoying reading the FRM syllabus and hope we at falcon Edufin are helping you to achieve your desired targets. Happy reading ahead! 
This article is targeted to include three major aspects.

1. improving your efficiency and effectiveness of the revision
2. you are provided with a podcast of checklist of all important concepts in syllabus (For PART 1
only )
3. a guide on how to use this checklist to get breakthrough results.

Following are the key points you should adopt in your revision.

  • Decide the cutoff date for your preparation (I.e. date from which you will shift your study
    schedule from preparation to revision) and revision as well. You should have at least 2 days in
    reserve for your last minutes revision. ( eg. in case of Nov 17 exam you will have 16th and 17th in
    reserve for the last min as the exam is on 18th.)
  • Once your revision schedule starts, say no to any new topic, concept or new book . This time is
    only for revision and not for preparation.
  • The revision includes revision of questions you solved till the date. Also, remember only revise that
    which you have already solved. Do not take new questions.
  • Allocate fix days for every subject. Preferably you should follow this sequence, FMP, VRM,
    Quants and Foundations. If you fail to complete your revision in your allocated time move to
    next subject and close the deal. otherwise, you might end up revising only one subject properly
    at the cost of 3.
  • Find a day to solve one GARP practice paper of 2017. Solve it in exam like condition. Questions
    are similar to 2016 practice paper. But chances are very high that some of the questions in these
    practice papers will appear in the exam.

About Checklist podcast: – Below I m providing you with all important concepts checklist which is highly important for the exam. Every concept is must thing for you. So this is how you will use this podcast. Once I take the name of the concept you should be able to recall it properly, in a crisp, to the point manner. If this isn’t the case, read and revise that specific topic. If I say you should be able to solve the question on XYZ concept, recall the question you solved on a similar concept.
In part 3 of this series will be dedicated towards strategy for managing 4 hrs of exam
Happy reading! J
Thank you



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