FAQ:- GARP displays the credit card only for examination fee Payment, and I only have the debit card. Is there anything I can do?

This is one of the frequently asked questions we get from our students and from those who are not students. When you try to pay GARP enrollment fees or Exam fees it gives the only option for a Credit card with some other options like Demand Draft and does not provide any option for Debit Card. In India, we have seen many candidates who do not have access to credit cards (like full-time students) or do not prefer to use one. How can we deal with this situation?

Use your debit card. Choose the credit card option and enter your debit card details (Visa or Master, etc.) with international payments enabled. It works! 

So why does GARP simply mention the credit card and not a debit card?  As far as I know, GARPs intention is not to bar any debit card users from using it for payment, they are just following the standard convention used in the USA of referring Payment cards as credit cards as simple as that.

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Shashank Wandhe

Shashank Wandhe

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