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Lesson: C10 Interest Rates C11 Bonds Yields and Calculations
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  • Calculate and interpret the impact of different compounding frequencies on a bond’s value.
  • Define spot rate and compute discount factors given spot rates .
  • Interpret the forward rate and compute forward rates given spot rates.
  • Define par rate and describe the equation for the par rate of a bond.
  • Interpret the relationship between spot, forward, and par rates.
  • Assess the impact of maturity on the price of a bond and the returns generated by bonds.
  • Define the “flattening” and “steepening” of rate curves and describe a trade to reflect expectations that a curve will flatten or steepen.
  • Describe a swap transaction and explain how a swap market defines par rates.
  • Describe overnight indexed swaps (OIS) and distinguish OIS rates from LIBOR swap rates.
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