Business and Pricing Policy

Business Model:

  1. We through our brand ‘Falcon Edufin’ provide educational services in general and tutorials in particular for various exams such as GARP FRM, CFA, CA Final and so on and so forth through online medium in electronic formats such as videos, pdf documents, quizzes, tests and many other such related formats.
  2. Our products can be a combination of above mentioned electronic formats or a standalone product sold as a ‘Course’ or a ‘Test Series’ through our website
  3. We provide access to these products in online medium only. No other access is available or granted for such courses.
  4. Products provided on our platform can be in three formats:
    1. Free open to all (not needed registration on the website)
    2. Free Open to All (needs registration on website)
    3. Paid (needs registration on website as well as payment for the product in consideration)
  5. For the delivery of our products we may use multiple sub-domains as per the technological requirements.
  6. For any queries related to our business model we can be contacted at following emails:
  7. Also you can access any of the contacts available in contact us section.

Process Flow:

Process flow to purchase the product & service – end to end

1) Search ‘Falcon Edufin’ on Google or type in address bar of your browser.

2) Choose a Product (A Course or a Test Series) which you need  on our ‘courses page’.

3) Click on Enrol button. It will take you to product page. Now click on Add to Cart  it is Next  to The Product Image in Mobile view Down of the product Image.

4)Customer can book a item to Register on Or customer can buy a Product as a Guest (Without Registering on Website) 

5)Then Page Will Re direct in To Shipping Details page there customer need to give 
Name:First name and last name , Address  Building or Apartment name,City Name,State name ,Pincode  Mobile number

6) Total Of product Value including GST (as and when applicable)  then Click On Continue to Shipping Method.

7)Can check name and Address Details Correct or any changes if everything good then go to 2nd part  PAYMENT: If customer want to Pay online  Click on Complete order Button there customer can choose our payment Methods Credit  Card, Debit Card,Net Banking,Pay later ,UPI,EMI.

8) On successful payment you will be redirected to either the same product page or ‘My Courses’ Page depending upon the settings available for the product in consideration.

9) On ‘My Courses’ Page you can see all your purchased products which are accessible to you.

10) It shall be noted that activation of product (courses or test series) may take 24 to 48 hrs.

11) In case of discrepancy kindly write to us along with payment and user information. We will resolve issues within 3 working days.

Pricing Policy:

  1. Pricing of products on our website is done considering all the requirements such as Cost of development of courses, cost of technology and web platforms, costs incurred towards administration, various taxes if applicable and various other such charges which may arise towards our operations.
  2. Prices may change and can be changed at our discretion.
  3. No prior intimation will given or supposed to be given in such case.
  4. We at FalconEdufin reserve right towards pricing and no queries shall be entertained regarding such.
  5. For any queries related to our pricing policy we can be contacted at following emails:
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