The 90% pass rate for Financial Risk Management (FRM) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certifications prominently featured on our website is derived from our internal calculations and reflects the success rate of a specific subset of our candidates, referred to as ‘A’ list students. These students have engaged with our comprehensive mentorship package, adhered to our guidance, completed classes on schedule, and participated in mock tests by the due dates assigned to them.
For FRM Part I, the passing percentage calculation only includes ‘A’ list students who fulfill the above criteria. We expressly exclude from our calculation any students who have opted out, deferred their examination, or taken the exam merely for the experience due to personal or professional reasons. The stated pass rate is determined based on eligible candidates who enrolled with Falcon Edufin (referred to here as “Falcon”) and subsequently passed their examination.
Similarly, for FRM Part II, the pass percentage reflects students who enrolled with Falcon for Part II of the examination and successfully cleared it. Again, this calculation excludes students who opted out, deferred, or appeared for the exam without the intention of passing due to external circumstances.
It is important for prospective students and website visitors to understand that these pass rates are specific to Falcon and do not represent overall pass rates for the FRM and CFA examinations globally. The mentioned pass rates are based on historical data of students who have shown a high level of commitment and engagement with our program. Your individual success may vary and depends on several factors, including your dedication, effort, and adherence to our program’s guidelines.
Falcon Edufin is dedicated to providing high-quality preparation courses and mentorship but does not guarantee a pass for every student. We are proud of our students’ achievements and our role in their journey, but we acknowledge that the outcome of certification exams is ultimately determined by the individual’s performance and external examination standards.

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