We provide you 100+ detailed Learning Hour in most simple language. Get trained from the Faculties who are passionate for teaching and having 5+ years of experience in financial markets valuation control, which will give you knowledge of how things are moving in real life.


Most Advanced Learning Management System. Flashcards, Quick revision,  Key Formula at the head of every Question Bank. Solve Questions Get evaluated, compare your performance among peers. Tests are Conducted Chapter Wise, Set wise and Full Test. Evaluation report on every test.


Biggest advantage at Falcon is your doubts are solved by faculties themselves on Whatsapp, Phone or Team-viewer. Also you get mentor hour for doubt solving. Book your appointment through website and faculties will call you in scheduled time. 

100+ Hours of Video Classes

500+ Exam Grade Questions

Question Solver Video

Podcasts for Theory and Revision

One Pager Summary Notes

Mentor Hours - One to One Doubt Solving

Pricing (Subject Wise Available)


₹ 18000


₹ 18000


₹ 6000


₹ 6000


₹ 6000


₹ 6000

Admissions for FRM Part 2  November 17 Exam are Closed. Admissions for FRM PART 2 May 18 Exam  opens on 20th  JANUARY 2017




We provide a wide range of study packages to cater to the needs of different candidates. This includes main Study package  and free add ons depending on the package you choose. The 3 packages currently available are Prime Study Package, Regular Study Package, and Crash Duration Package.

  • Regular Package: Study package in which you get all the essential contents such as videos lectures, Smart Question lectures, Question bank in LMS(which evaluates your performance), Mind maps, excel spread sheets, one pager notes for theory and other add ons to help in your best preparation for the exam day. Be assured we will leave no stone unturned to make you successful.

  • Prime Package (Limited period offer): This is same as Regular Package with same price, but with more free add ons Such as Unlimited mentor call where you can talk to faculties for doubt solving, and one Programming package for Risk management basics (candidates can choose between R or VBA ) to give you practical understanding of the subjects.

  • Crash package is for the professionals who are already working in finance who know all the basics of the finance. In this we allocate our major concentration in main concepts instead of basics of finance. It will be a time saver for people who do not have much time at their disposal. This product is under development hence delivery date is late January. All other benefits of regular packages are included here. Mentor hour is restricted to 1 hour in this program.

This is not a normal question solver video,  instead in this along with solved questions of a chapter,  we discuss all the possible variations that can be tested, common mistakes students do while solving these questions  and will give you exam related tips in it which will give you advantage over the other.

Our pro question bank consists of 1000 questions (having more than enough coverage) is software based in which we have divided questions in very systematic manner so that you can evaluate your problem areas,. Every test you take is provided with performance evaluation and you can also see  your comparative performance among the peers. This develops a healthy competition among candidates. Our Question bank pro is part of LMS module. See FAQ Falcons LMS for further details.

Questions are divided into following categories

  • Basic Question Bank: Which helps in testing your conceptual clarity
  • Intermediate (Exam Level): These are exam level questions but are not difficult to solve
  • Advanced level (Exam Level): These are exam level but difficult question.

As per our analysis there are few questions  which has more probability to appear in the exam than the others hence when you study them separately you can make sure that you can solve them correctly. In this set you will get printed copy of  150 questions and video class on 150 questions where faculty will discuss these questions and will also discuss the possible variations.

Mind maps are very widely used tools for memorizing concepts and also helps in reducing complexity. In FRM there are many concepts which are difficult to understand just  because we are not able to get map of it in our mind. Hence these mind maps will make things easy to understand.

You must have heard the phrase ” Out of sight Out of mind “, most of the candidates taking FRM exam are working and hence it is not possible to maintain the dicipline of regular revision which results in forgetting important things. So at Falcon, we have come up with a solution for this problem. we will provide you with two A1 size wall charts (3X2 Feets ) consisting of concepts which are very important for exam and concepts which you are more likely to forget. All you need to do is to simply stick these two charts in your study area where you can see daily and daily revision in just 10 min. The advantage of the wall chart will be realised when your revision time drops exponentially right before exam.

This is a revision book for all the concepts that you study during the class consists of all important points which will supplement your main reading book. We will compliment it with revision videos which will be provided with every package.

 In FRM theory topics are very high in number so it might not be possible for the candidates to read the main reading book in last minute. At Falcon, we have come up with one pager that solves this problem. In one pager we will organize all the important points  of book which you need to know to solve questions in exam.

One major hurdle that comes on the way of preparation is your office schedule which results in pushing the load of study in last few days before exam. As we have all important concepts to do in that period we tend to ignore theory. Most of the student take exam without enough preparation of theory chapters which comes around for 45 Questions which is one of the main reason behind not able to clear the exam. We have created Podcasts for theory and other topics which are possible to explain just in words so that you can just plug your headphones and study in while you are on the go. Podcasts can help you learn a lesson just during your 10 mins coffee break. Podcasts are short in time and high in value.

Mentor hour is most valuable service which only Falcon provides for FRM classes. When in doubt, call the mentor. Whenever  you have doubt just book appointment through appointment module on website, add your query to it and we will call you back, or take you on  team viewer to clear your doubt which will be one to one session. For our prime package holder there is no limit on mentor hours.


Remember this fact that your faculties time is important and it belongs to every other candidate as yours. To enable them give justice to other candidates, in following cases faculty can reject to provide this service of Mentor hour  as Mentor hour is not absolute right of the candidate. Remember we are always happy to help every candidate, this blacklisting will be done in extreme cases.

  1. If a candidate is unnecessarily wasting time of faculty by discussing things which are not related with FRM exam.
  2. Or candidate speaks unprofessionally with faculty on phone.
  3. Or if a candidate uses this session for debating and argument instead of doubt clearing. For debate and argument you can write us mail